About Florida

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About Florida

There is no denying the fact that Florida is one fourth parts strange, one fourth parts exotic and half parts fantasy like. Florida is a state like no other in the United States of America. The fact that it is so strange is actually what makes it so famous. Its theme parks can bring out the child in the most serious travelers and its beaches are so breathtaking that one could spend days surfing, sunbathing, sailing and strolling. What makes Florida even more exotic are its parties and nightlife. Miami is famous for its glittering image of wealth and sex. On the other hand, St. Augustine offers guests with a sense of old world charms as it seems to be forever stuck in the 16th century. Florida is not just about its attractions and parties, it is a place where nature, culture and lifestyles fuse with each other in order to offer the visitor with something unique, something that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Florida beach

Areas like the glitzy Palm Beach, the exotic Everglades, fun filled Orlando, pulsating Miami and ancient St. Augustine ensure that guests always have more than they can possibly choose from. The presence of unending expanses of white powdery sands ensures that there are ample opportunities to worship the sun and enjoy a variety of water sports. The coral reefs of Florida Keys are also worth a watch.

Any mention of Florida is also likely to bring images of cheap seaside hotels, palm filled avenues and umbrella dotted beaches to your mind. However, that’s not what Florida is all about. There’s Central Florida, a place that manages to prove all tourist clichés wrong. It is located away from the tourist friendly I-4 and offers a better insight of what life is like in traditional Florida. It is also the place where one of the first all-black communities of America, Eatonville, was established.

Florida Lighthouse

Florida was almost entirely created on the basis of tourism. As a result, you can always expect tourist friendly activities and amenities, irrespective of which part of the state you travel to. The seafood of Florida and local specialties such as lobsters and stone crabs might be some of its main delights, but the wide range of hotels and attractions also offer great value for money.

Although the fantasy filled theme parks and exotic beaches draw most travelers into the state, many of them end up exploring the Everglades, dropping out of the map in Big Pine Key or enjoying the scintillating nightlife of Miami as well.

Traveling within Florida isn’t fun unless you have your own set of wheels, and preferably a convertible at that. Public transport is decent in some of the main cities, but having your own car allows you to check out the real delights of Florida which are mostly located between towns along its coastal byways. Moreover, having a car also allows you to visit in-city attractions within minutes and gives you the flexibility of indulging in your fantasies and playing out your itineraries exactly the way you want.

So fly into the Miami International Airport, rent a car and embark on the adventure of your life. There are no two ways about it.

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