An Insightful Overview Of The Famous Miami Beach Boardwalk

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Picture Of Boardwalk Miami

For those who are planning to visit the Miami, Florida region, the Miami Beach Boardwalk should not be missed. It is a scenic and beautiful pathway which extends as far as 40 blocks from the Southern tip of South Beach towards the north. Tourists visiting the place can experience magnificent views of the grand South Beach condos and hotels on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side.

Thing To Enjoy At Miami Beach Boardwalk

The boardwalk is popularly known as the South Beach Boardwalk since a large portion of it covers the most happening places of South Beach. There are indeed a number of places where one can simply stop over to get a drink, take some rest or have something to eat. If one is keen on experiencing the natural beauty of South Beach, a jog or a walk along the path is truly a great option. It is to be noted that towards the north of 21st street, bikes are not allowed. However, if one wants to travel on a bike, one can easily take the path towards the south of 21st street, a large portion of which allows bikes.

The popular pedestrian mall at Lincoln Road can be easily accessed. Running from the east to the west, the Lincoln Road culminates near the boardwalk. Towards the northern part of Washington Avenue, just a block towards the western part of the boardwalk, this road leads to a pedestrian mall, wherein one can find a number of restaurants and shops spanning across approximately 10 blocks.

There are a number of cafes and restaurants along Lincoln Road. The majority of the restaurants offer either outdoor or indoor seating, including the portion in the center of the mall area. A Fish Called Avalon is a delightful restaurant wherein one is served fresh seafood amidst a lively South Beach ambience. The relaxed atmosphere perfectly matches the contemporary tropical menu that has delighted tourists for over 20 years.

Useful Details About The Miami Beach Boardwalk

Starting from the Indian Beach Park at Collins Ave and 46th Street, the Miami Beach Boardwalk extends towards the south meeting the 23rd street, where its surfaces are paved. This paved portion runs towards the 5th Street, at Ocean Drive Promenade. South Pointe Park, situated towards the southern part of 5th Street, offers great views of the Miami port.

Towards the north of Nikki Beach, the boardwalk starts and covers the distance between 5th Street and 46th Street. Between 14th Street and 5th Street, metered parking facility is available, and one can also avail public parking facilities offered on Collins. In Miami Beach, each block measures around 0.1 mile. So, from 5th Street to 46th Street, one can enjoy a nice stroll and jog, while covering a distance of four miles.

For all visitors who come to Miami Beach and Miami, the Miami Boardwalk is one of the most picturesque and popular destinations. Apart from tourists and visitors, the locals also enjoy visiting this place a lot. The board can be regarded as a gem of South Florida, in the true sense of the term.

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