Dazzling Array Of Art Galleries In Miami That Tourists Must See

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Miami is a great destination for people who love to explore about art and culture, since the art galleries in Miami are ubiquitous. There are whopping 70 galleries in Wynwood; however, the scene now extends to other areas like Downtown, Little Haiti, Historic Overtown, South Beach, and Little Havana  too. The best part is that one gets to see works by not only the established artists but also by talented local artists. So, with such amazing number of galleries in Miami one is sure to see exciting exhibits every time they visit the gallery. Some of the great galleries in Miami are listed here.

Gallery Diet

Gallery Diet came up with the efforts of Nina Johnson Milewski, who is a great lover of arts. Gallery Diet is an unmistakable spot in Wynwood. This gallery is not only dedicated to Miami-based artists such as Emmett Moore and Bakti Baxter but also gives a chance to tourists to see the artworks by international artists like Fabien Lasserre. Although a variety of art forms are on display her, the main focus is on sculptural work and design.

Robert Fontaine Gallery

Robert Fontaine Gallery came up with the sole purpose of exhibiting works of original artists. One gets to see a great range of works here from pop artists to urban interventionist innovative artists. Fontaine keeps a sharp eye on the novel and talented artists from all over the world. For instance, one could see the works by Nick Gentry from London who is famous for his portrait paintings that he prepares x-ray negatives and old floppy disks. And then, there are the photoreal portraits by Henrietta Harris from New Zealand which are simply surreal to watch.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Fredric Snitzer Gallery came up in 1970s with the efforts of Fredric Snitzer, and has earned the distinction of being among longest standing galleries in Miami now. The gallery displays works from such eminent artists as Maria Martinez-Canas, Alice Aycock, and Hernan Bas, to name a few.

Dina Mitrani Gallery

Dina Mitrani Gallery has sole focus on photography. The gallery came up with the efforts of arts enthusiast Dina Mitrani, who has two decades of experience in the field. It displays great photographs by the talented photographers as Roberto Huarcaya, Chuck Ramirez, etc.

Spinello Projects

Spinello Projects is among Miami’s most recognizable and ambitious galleries. Anthony Spinello is the sole creator of this gallery. The gallery includes works of great artists like Agustina Woodgate.

Art Centre South Florida

This gallery is a great studio space and a cultural centre that is a residence to around 20 brilliant artists. The best part is that the gallery is open 7 days a week; so, one could not only visit great current exhibits but also peek into the life of great artists by visiting the working studios.


The Futurama building is just like Art Centre South Florida as it is also an exhibition space for artists. There are exactly 12 artist studios, and the artists here focus upon the culture and contemporary visual arts in Little Havana.

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