Exploring Great Things To Do In Miami Along With Kids

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A Boy With Giraffe

Miami has a lot of places to explore not only for adults but also for kids. There is a great variety of manmade and natural spots that make up for a perfect vacation for the families. Kids love visiting the zoos, museums, gardens, and beaches here. Similarly adults too love exploring the natural locations.

So, here are some of the great things whole family could do while in Miami.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami, which used to be known by the name Miami Metro Zoo, is a massive zoo providing a dazzling array of opportunities to the visitors to spend their time in engaging and entertaining manner. There are plenty of events and exhibits here that never fail to exhilarate the kids. One could either rent Safari Cycle or go for tram tour in order to explore the zoo. The best part is that tourists are allowed to feed parrots, giraffes, rhinos, and pelicans on their way. Kids also love the camel ride. All these events provide kids a chance to come closer to nature.

Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle became instant hit among the kids as soon as it was opened to the general public. The attractive part is that the monkeys here are allowed to roam freely, while humans move in wire corridors. So, these open habitats for monkeys give them the freedom to get involved in a number of playful activities with humans. Kids love to offer raisins to monkeys and see them perform joyfully in return.

Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool is one of the most beautiful pools in the entire world. The minimum age of kids to enter is 3 years. The natural environment of the pool which is flanked by palm trees is really inspiring. Besides, there is a cave, great waterfall rock formations, showers, café, lockers, and lifeguards.

Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Gardens was earlier known by the name Parrot Jungle. However, the place has now undergone a lot of transformation as it now has koi ponds, lush landscaping, a petting zoo, a playground, and a play area in water. Besides, there are regular events that are held here including farmer’s markets, jazz concerts, etc.

The Miami Children’s Museum

The great thing about Miami Children’s Museum is the availability of a number of interactive exhibits here. The museum achieves the purpose of imparting knowledge to children in a fun and entertaining way.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is another great place that is completely appropriate to be visited along with kids. Visitors could do a lot of things here including swimming with seals or dolphins, or availing the opportunity of walking on tropical reef. Besides, there are regular shows here, and one could also watch crocodiles and sharks.


There are a number of beaches here that are kid friendly. These beaches offer thoroughly refreshing experience to visitors. Here are some of the amazing beaches to visit in Miami.

Crandon Park Beach

Crandon Park Beach is another great location that has a lot to offer to the visitors. The place is completely tranquil and serene, and is characterized by unmistakable amusement center with a carousel, splash pads, gardens, a nature center, and snack stands.

Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is the most popular place to visit along with kids. There are a number of attractive features of this park including picnic tables, bike trails, shaded paths, lifeguards, and great man-made pool with cool and calm waters.

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