Jungle Island Is Miami’s Tropical Oasis Where Visitors Are Treated To Wild Encounters

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Picture Of Miami Island

Jungle Island in Miami has a wide collection of animals that include the exotic and the unusual. It is a tropical oasis that has an array of unique encounters that attract millions of visitors each year. The sanctuary was formerly known as the Parrot Jungle; a place where various species of colorful birds that includes macaws, parrots, and flamingos called home.

The island has many activities, a good percent of which have free admission; several carry an extra fee to allow for a close encounter and interaction with the animals. It thus is a good idea to make reservations for such activities before visiting Jungle Island.

Free-Roaming And Caged Creatures

It is common to encounter various animals such as turtles and iguanas roaming freely throughout the park. The same applies to the many birds on the island. The macaws, cranes, and parrots can be spotted flying or perched on trees or in various stations in the park. Jungle Island is a cageless world that gives its animals the freedom to move about and a chance for visitors to have a close encounter with the animals. The Island’s keepers offer presentations and talks to educate and inform visitors about the animals’ daily routines and their habitats.

While it may be a cageless world, all certain animals are free to roam around the park. The big animals such as the lions, tigers, baboons, and kangaroos are the ones in cages. However, certain smaller animals such as penguins and lemurs as well as exotic birds are also in cages.

Three Fantastic Animal Shows

Visitors are often advised to check the schedule for shows to be held during that day’s visit so that they can plan accordingly. The shows include the “Winged Wonders Show,” is a bird show that has feathered animals such as parrots and macaws doing little stunts. The other show is the “Big Cats Show,” which has tigers and other wild cats play with their trainers. The show also has orangutans.

The Animal Exhibits

Jungle Island has several exhibits scattered across the park with no particular arrangement. Visitors should have a map to guide them to the various exhibits. Each exhibit has its unique attraction. For instance, there is the White Lion exhibit, the White Tiger exhibit and the Liger exhibit (a liger is a crossbreed of a Lion and a Tiger).

Animal Encounters And Interactions

The joy of visiting Jungle Island is the close interaction that guests have with the animals; it is what keeps many people coming to the island each year. The interactions and animal encounters include feeding and cuddling. Kids and adults relish bottle feeding tiger cubs or feeding birds and cuddling with a lemur.  Visitors who are less scared of certain animals can try holding alligators and snakes.

A Beach And Water Park

Parrot Cove is a private beach in Jungle Island that has a water park with a host of activities such as water slides, housed obstacle course, trampolines, big floating water park bounce houses, and plenty of sand at the beach. Parrot Cove is a fun center for the kids and has free admission.

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