Miami’s Greatest Parks Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

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View Of A Park

People in Miami are always happy exploring the parks, since the atmosphere there is really refreshing. The experience of playing various water sports while enjoying the cool breeze is completely blissful and stress busting. There are a number of walking trails that give people a chance to explore the great flora and fauna and stay fit as well. The scintillating beauty of these parks motivates the people of Miami to come outside and enjoy their day in the open. So, here are some of the greatest parks in Miami that are sure to offer great respite from the hectic life that one leads.

David T. Kennedy Park

David T. Kennedy Park attracts a sea of humanity, as people are really interested in exploring this green space. One could see people involved in all sorts of activities including outdoor games, exercises, walking, jogging, running, yoga, etc.

Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is a widely popular boat ramp and marina in the area. It attracts a huge number of people who are interested in exploring the waters on their boat. Children love visiting the beach here, as they simply love the vibrant atmosphere and green spaces surrounding the beach. The seafood served at the nearby Red Fish Grill is also mind-boggling. Overall, visiting the park is a great way for the people to alleviate their stress and charge themselves up.

Crandon Park

Spending a day at Crandon Park can leave one completely refreshed and rejuvenated, as the spot is simply perfect for the families. The white sand beaches here never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Besides, people also love the convenience of visiting the park as there is plenty of space for parking their vehicles. Moreover, fun loving people always opt for renting cabanas and enjoying barbecues along with their family members and friends. Some other activities that one could get involved in here include eco adventure tour, nature walk, etc. Visitors also love playing volleyball and riding bikes here.

Bill Sadowski Park

Bill Sadowski Park offers ultimate fun and excitement by organizing various bird-watching tours for the visitors. Besides, nature walks are also a hit among the people, as they are invariably intrigued by the rich variety of tropical birds that they get to see here. The whole atmosphere has a calming and soothing experience on the visitors. Besides, the stargazing sessions organised by Southern Cross Astronomical Society, an on-site observatory, are also worth attending.

Oleta River State Recreation Area

Oleta River State Recreation Area has a dazzling array of activities to offer to the visitors. There are countless biking trails that are completely suitable for enthusiasts as well as the novices. Besides, there are plenty of kayaking opportunities for visitors. Moreover, there are camp spaces and cabins as well for people to stay at night.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is another great area to explore that has plenty of green spaces. Besides, there is the unmistakable Cape Florida Lighthouse, which is South Florida’s oldest building. Visitors could get involved in some refreshing activities including ocean kayaking, shoreline fishing, etc.

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