Reasons To Get Captivated By The City Of Miami

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A View Of Beautiful Beach And The City

In spite of its traffic and humidity, Miami does have a magical charm that captivates many. There are a number of reasons why people do not want to leave this beautiful place, and here are a few of them.

The Seemingly Strange Weather

At times, Miami experiences a sunny weather with a temperature of 80 degrees, while at other times, there are hurricanes swiping through complete neighborhoods. Sometimes, these two things can occur on a single day. Even with bipolar weather, running across the beach in shorts is quite convenient in February. Moreover, there is no question of buying any winter coats when one is in Miami.

Entertaining News Stories

There is something or the other happening in Miami all the year round. One can hear things like alligators in backyards, guys hiding cocaine in strange places, and so on. Why should one ever want to leave a place where there is enjoyment and entertainment all over?

The Cultural Mix

Many are of the opinion that people of Miami lack courtesy. However, this is compensated to a considerable extent by the cultural mix that exists. Miami offers a mélange of Cubans, South Americans, other Hispanic people, northerners who stay in the place to avoid the cold, white Jewish people, and lots more than one can ever think of. One can also come across B-list celebrities in Miami. On the whole, the place is quite confusing yet enjoyable.

The Lively Siren Song

Miami is synonymous with merrymaking and enjoying a good life. From the Wine and Food Festival at South Beach to Ultra Music Festival, Art Basel, the South Beach Comedy Festival to the Winter Music Conference, people from across the globe gather in Miami to party, eat or engage in fancy art activities, all of which render a taste of vivacious life.

No Defined Dress Code

When one is in South Beach, one must take care of what one is wearing. However, near the mainland, where the real Miami spirit is let loose, there is absolutely no dress code and one can wear whatever one likes and look beautiful in it. People can go as far as wearing their dresses inside out and still look better than somebody else.

The Wonderful Late-Night Munchies

Who can imagine getting genuine back-alleyway pastelitos at the wee hours in the morning, say 3 am? Well, in Miami, one is sure to get that. Apart from that a person can also get the cortadito at 3:05 pm daily, have breakfast as well as lunch or dinner with Pollo Tropical, or grab a Sausage Chubbie even when it is late midnight.

The Freedom To Act Strange

People in Miami indulge in drinking Cuban coffee like anything. Moreover, flip-flops are worn everywhere and strangers are kissed on the cheek. People have a unique sense of time, and when it comes to celebrating a sports victory, there is no hesitation in stopping traffic and parading across the streets in pans and pots.

The Topnotch Beaches

The beaches in Miami are more than just ocean and sand. Going to the beach involves not only enjoying the sand and the waves, but also watching beautiful people, playing beach volleyball or clubbing late at night.

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