Greatest Beach Parks In Miami For Kids

View Of South Pointe Park

Miami has always attracted tourists from all over the world, thanks to the dazzling array of beautiful spots to visit here. And, among these great spots, the beaches have always been the major attraction for the tourists. The experience of visiting the beaches is thoroughly rejuvenating and refreshing. Moreover, there are the beach parks that are loved by kids, as they love the wide range of outdoor activities that they can get involved in at these spots. Some of the greatest beach parks in Miami that offer unlimited entertainment to kids are listed here.

Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park is situated right at the centre of the South Beach. Locals love this spot, and they visit it frequently. There is a completely fenced playground for the kids. Moreover, there is a huge tree located right at the centre that offers shade to the kids. Besides, there are a number of swings and slides here that completely attract the attention of the kids. And, moreover, there is a special section for the kids at the pool. So, kids love playing at the park, and then head towards the pool in order to cool themselves off.

South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park is inarguably the best beach park in Miami. There is something for people from all walks of life. And, there is an area that is meant specifically for the kids. This area has a mini water park and a playground.

Besides, there is a good seating arrangement in the park, and parents can always relax there and watch their children. The park attracts a sea of humanity on weekends, as the spot is famous among the locals. So, one is advised to arrive early at the park during the weekends. The park offers dazzling views of the surrounding areas including Downtown Miami, Fisher Island, and Biscayne Bay, to name a few. Some good quality snacks and drinks are always served at a café here.

The authorities are doing their bit in order to enhance the features of the park. The pier has been recently renovated. And, one could always explore the rejuvenating areas in the vicinity, including Miami Beach marina.

Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

Maurice Gibb Memorial Park is the smallest of the three parks included here. Still, tourists are invariably attracted by the beauty of this park. The tranquil and serene atmosphere always mesmerizes the visitors. The park is mainly visited by the locals since it is hidden park, as it is located on Purdy Avenue, which is located on island’s back.

Kids love the park as well since there are a number of activities that they could do here. There are bongo drums as well as a slide here for the kids. Moreover, there is plenty of shaded area which is always beneficial for the kids, as they could play freely and enjoy the cool breeze. The whole atmosphere is thoroughly enlightening.

Adults too love the spot as they get a chance to get closer to nature here. In fact, it is one of the greatest spots to watch sunset.

Unearthing Greatest Spots In Miami For Nature Lovers

View Of Miami Beach

Most of the people have the image of Miami as being the place that attracts a great number of people to the beaches or nightclubs; however, there are some beautiful natural spots that always put one in awe and wonder. People are invariably enchanted by these great natural locations; they simply fall in love with Miami after experiencing the great calming atmosphere of these spots. So, here are some of the topmost spots in Miami that are simply adored by nature lovers.

Secret Woods Nature Center

Secret Woods Nature Center has two trails spanning around 4000 square feet of area; so, the spot is simply perfect for people who want to enjoy the outdoors of this beautiful city. The boardwalk trails take one through a bee hive, Monarch exhibits, and incredible butterfly gardens. Moreover, the place is an ideal place for people who want to learn about wildlife and local plants here.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

The main purpose of authorities at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is to conserve the astonishing tropical plants found here. Moreover, the place offers educational opportunities as well for people to learn about various varieties of tropical plants. There is a dazzling array of gorgeous spots to visit here including butterfly gardens, lily pad ponds, and a café to name a few. One could either take a leisurely walk in the garden in order to revel in their solitude and enjoy the nature at its best; or, they could opt for taking guided tours in order to learn about various spots here. There are benefits of both the ways, and tourists could opt for either way.

South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park is an unassuming yet starkly appealing place in Miami that invariably stuns the visitors with a wide variety of options and its pristine beauty. People are always amazed to find such a stunning spot whose beauty is simply unparalleled. The beach here is quiet and beautiful and offer a great number of picnic areas. A number of yoga classes are also held regularly here. Besides, there is availability of lifeguards as well. So, all in all, it is a great secret place in Miami that is worth exploring.

Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Gardens is a gorgeous cultural arts park in Miami that is known for its natural beauty. The gardens cast a spell over the tourists as soon as they enter and see the natural setting with plenty of natural streams, rainforest canopies, and scintillating Koi ponds. Another reason why it is a huge favourite among the locals is the availability of more than 1000 varieties of flowers, plants, and trees here. Moreover, there is the unmistakable Farmers Market held on Sundays which is also a great event to witness.

Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens present a curious mix of nature and history. There is the James Deering Mansion here that has exotic variety of Italian Furniture. Moreover, visitors are also able to see exhibits displaying great Italian Renaissance, and unmistakable characteristics of European aesthetics. So, one could always enjoy the natural beauty of the place along with its amazing architecture.

Unearthing Top Quality Secret Parks And Gardens In Miami

View Of A Garden

Miami has always been known for its pristine beauty and natural landscape. There are some incredible beaches here that never fail to impress the visitors. Besides, there is a dazzling array of parks and gardens in Miami that offer plenty of green spaces to the visitors. However, the amazing part about Miami is the great number of secret parks and gardens it has. Visitors are invariably amazed to find out such great hidden beauty of Miami that they fall in love with this place and yearn to return to these spots. Here is a list of such secret locations in Miami offering truly calming experience.

Crandon Park Gardens

Crandon Park used to enjoy a great popularity a few years back; however, it has now turned into an abandoned zoo and an enigmatic botanical garden. However, the place offers a great calming influence on people the moment they enter it. So, it is a great place to explore for tourists looking to get closer to nature.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest resembles the Forest Park located in Greynold, and is full of follies and hidden discoveries. There are a number of surprising elements here including natural looking rock bridge situated over Arch Creek.

Brickell Park

Brickell Park is located in the vicinity of Miami Circle Park, but has more lush green spaces. Besides, there is the unmistakable neoclassical era’s Brickell Family Mausoleum. While most of the people pass by it every day very few know about this spot.

Simpson Park

Simpson Park is one of those grand old parks that represent the unadulterated jungles of South Florida. It is a preserve that houses old growth hammock. Besides, there is a very simple and serene pavilion located right in the centre of the park. The pavilion has a unique and compelling architectural design, and is a creation of great architect Chad Oppenheim.

Morningside Park

Morningside Park is a wide expanse of natural beauty that is suitable for all sorts of sports, as well as for running and climbing the trees. People are always enchanted by the great natural settings and tranquil atmosphere of the park.

Icon Bay Park

Icon Bay Park got built by a realty group that wanted to have something to accompany their Icon Bay condo tower. The result of their effort is the heavily landscaped green space that has a dog park as well as a sculpture garden. The park always offers a welcoming surprise for tourists.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

Ancient Spanish Monastery is included in the list of secret gardens since the natural setting of the monastery equates it to a great natural park. It is located right in the middle of woods, and has some formal gardens as well as a beautiful cloister courtyard inside.

Fruit And Spice Park

Fruit and Spice Park is an unassuming park of Miami which has a great variety of different types of spices and fruits. One is always delighted to locate a great number of mango trees here.

Manatee Bend Park

Manatee Bend Park provides visitors a chance to get a glimpse into the mysterious life of manatees. It is a great place to relax and get a change from one’s hectic routine.

Miami’s Greatest Parks Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

View Of A Park

People in Miami are always happy exploring the parks, since the atmosphere there is really refreshing. The experience of playing various water sports while enjoying the cool breeze is completely blissful and stress busting. There are a number of walking trails that give people a chance to explore the great flora and fauna and stay fit as well. The scintillating beauty of these parks motivates the people of Miami to come outside and enjoy their day in the open. So, here are some of the greatest parks in Miami that are sure to offer great respite from the hectic life that one leads.

David T. Kennedy Park

David T. Kennedy Park attracts a sea of humanity, as people are really interested in exploring this green space. One could see people involved in all sorts of activities including outdoor games, exercises, walking, jogging, running, yoga, etc.

Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is a widely popular boat ramp and marina in the area. It attracts a huge number of people who are interested in exploring the waters on their boat. Children love visiting the beach here, as they simply love the vibrant atmosphere and green spaces surrounding the beach. The seafood served at the nearby Red Fish Grill is also mind-boggling. Overall, visiting the park is a great way for the people to alleviate their stress and charge themselves up.

Crandon Park

Spending a day at Crandon Park can leave one completely refreshed and rejuvenated, as the spot is simply perfect for the families. The white sand beaches here never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Besides, people also love the convenience of visiting the park as there is plenty of space for parking their vehicles. Moreover, fun loving people always opt for renting cabanas and enjoying barbecues along with their family members and friends. Some other activities that one could get involved in here include eco adventure tour, nature walk, etc. Visitors also love playing volleyball and riding bikes here.

Bill Sadowski Park

Bill Sadowski Park offers ultimate fun and excitement by organizing various bird-watching tours for the visitors. Besides, nature walks are also a hit among the people, as they are invariably intrigued by the rich variety of tropical birds that they get to see here. The whole atmosphere has a calming and soothing experience on the visitors. Besides, the stargazing sessions organised by Southern Cross Astronomical Society, an on-site observatory, are also worth attending.

Oleta River State Recreation Area

Oleta River State Recreation Area has a dazzling array of activities to offer to the visitors. There are countless biking trails that are completely suitable for enthusiasts as well as the novices. Besides, there are plenty of kayaking opportunities for visitors. Moreover, there are camp spaces and cabins as well for people to stay at night.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is another great area to explore that has plenty of green spaces. Besides, there is the unmistakable Cape Florida Lighthouse, which is South Florida’s oldest building. Visitors could get involved in some refreshing activities including ocean kayaking, shoreline fishing, etc.

Exploring Great Things To Do In Miami Along With Kids

A Boy With Giraffe

Miami has a lot of places to explore not only for adults but also for kids. There is a great variety of manmade and natural spots that make up for a perfect vacation for the families. Kids love visiting the zoos, museums, gardens, and beaches here. Similarly adults too love exploring the natural locations.

So, here are some of the great things whole family could do while in Miami.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami, which used to be known by the name Miami Metro Zoo, is a massive zoo providing a dazzling array of opportunities to the visitors to spend their time in engaging and entertaining manner. There are plenty of events and exhibits here that never fail to exhilarate the kids. One could either rent Safari Cycle or go for tram tour in order to explore the zoo. The best part is that tourists are allowed to feed parrots, giraffes, rhinos, and pelicans on their way. Kids also love the camel ride. All these events provide kids a chance to come closer to nature.

Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle became instant hit among the kids as soon as it was opened to the general public. The attractive part is that the monkeys here are allowed to roam freely, while humans move in wire corridors. So, these open habitats for monkeys give them the freedom to get involved in a number of playful activities with humans. Kids love to offer raisins to monkeys and see them perform joyfully in return.

Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool is one of the most beautiful pools in the entire world. The minimum age of kids to enter is 3 years. The natural environment of the pool which is flanked by palm trees is really inspiring. Besides, there is a cave, great waterfall rock formations, showers, café, lockers, and lifeguards.

Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Gardens was earlier known by the name Parrot Jungle. However, the place has now undergone a lot of transformation as it now has koi ponds, lush landscaping, a petting zoo, a playground, and a play area in water. Besides, there are regular events that are held here including farmer’s markets, jazz concerts, etc.

The Miami Children’s Museum

The great thing about Miami Children’s Museum is the availability of a number of interactive exhibits here. The museum achieves the purpose of imparting knowledge to children in a fun and entertaining way.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is another great place that is completely appropriate to be visited along with kids. Visitors could do a lot of things here including swimming with seals or dolphins, or availing the opportunity of walking on tropical reef. Besides, there are regular shows here, and one could also watch crocodiles and sharks.


There are a number of beaches here that are kid friendly. These beaches offer thoroughly refreshing experience to visitors. Here are some of the amazing beaches to visit in Miami.

Crandon Park Beach

Crandon Park Beach is another great location that has a lot to offer to the visitors. The place is completely tranquil and serene, and is characterized by unmistakable amusement center with a carousel, splash pads, gardens, a nature center, and snack stands.

Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is the most popular place to visit along with kids. There are a number of attractive features of this park including picnic tables, bike trails, shaded paths, lifeguards, and great man-made pool with cool and calm waters.

Exploring Top Class Beaches In Miami That Are A Delight To Visit

View Of Sought Beach

Miami is surrounded by water, and thus, it has some of the mesmerizing beaches. In fact, beaches are the spots that are frequently visited by not only the locals but also the tourists. They have that hypnotic charm and alluring vibes that never fail to attract the visitors. Visitors are invariably moved by the electrifying atmosphere at some of the beaches. So, here are some of the top class beaches in Miami that are a treat to watch.

South Beach

South Beach is the most liked beach by people, simply because of the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the place. The place is visited by a great number of tourists here. The whole atmosphere is full of energy. However, those people who want to have some relaxed moment there and sit in quiet contemplation should visit the beach during the weekdays, preferably in the morning. People could easily rent chairs and beach umbrellas and have great time there. There is the adorable Ocean Drive here that has a great number of bars, shops, and restaurants that cater to the varied demands of visitors. One could visit the hotel via public transportation; however, there is the availability of parking space as well.

Haulover Park Beach

Haulover Park Beach is suitable for all sorts of visitors, as it becomes a peaceful spot during the weekdays, and is one of the most happening spots on weekends, when it attracts a sea of humanity. It is not far from South Beach actually; however, the atmosphere here is starkly different as there is a conspicuous absence of hotels here. People could immerse themselves in the natural environment here as they relax on the pure white sand here. Reaching here is easy as one could get here via public transportation. Further, there is a parking facility here; so, people could easily drive to this beach. However, as there are no restaurants here so people need to bring their own food. Still, the beach offers a tranquil and soothing atmosphere that completely rejuvenates the visitors.

Bill Baggs Beach

Bill Baggs Beach is another great location that is suitable to visit along with one’s family members. It is situated at the end of Key Biscayne Island, which, in turn, is located inside Bill Baggs State Park. The place is always the most cherished location of the locals, since they love to enjoy their picnics here. Moreover, there is availability of umbrellas and beach chairs as well here.

The beach is basically liked because of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere here. It is a sort of secluded beach, which is far away from the chaos. So, one invariably feels relaxed after visiting the spot. The best part is that there is a dazzling array of hiking trails in the park that offer tourists a chance to explore the natural beauty.

Matheson Hammock Beach

Matheson Hammock Beach is suitable for families that have small children. This is because there is the shallow and calm cove that children love to explore here. Moreover, there is the high-end restaurant as well here. Moreover, there is a designated space for parking as well.

Dazzling Array Of Art Galleries In Miami That Tourists Must See

People Are At The Gallery

Miami is a great destination for people who love to explore about art and culture, since the art galleries in Miami are ubiquitous. There are whopping 70 galleries in Wynwood; however, the scene now extends to other areas like Downtown, Little Haiti, Historic Overtown, South Beach, and Little Havana  too. The best part is that one gets to see works by not only the established artists but also by talented local artists. So, with such amazing number of galleries in Miami one is sure to see exciting exhibits every time they visit the gallery. Some of the great galleries in Miami are listed here.

Gallery Diet

Gallery Diet came up with the efforts of Nina Johnson Milewski, who is a great lover of arts. Gallery Diet is an unmistakable spot in Wynwood. This gallery is not only dedicated to Miami-based artists such as Emmett Moore and Bakti Baxter but also gives a chance to tourists to see the artworks by international artists like Fabien Lasserre. Although a variety of art forms are on display her, the main focus is on sculptural work and design.

Robert Fontaine Gallery

Robert Fontaine Gallery came up with the sole purpose of exhibiting works of original artists. One gets to see a great range of works here from pop artists to urban interventionist innovative artists. Fontaine keeps a sharp eye on the novel and talented artists from all over the world. For instance, one could see the works by Nick Gentry from London who is famous for his portrait paintings that he prepares x-ray negatives and old floppy disks. And then, there are the photoreal portraits by Henrietta Harris from New Zealand which are simply surreal to watch.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Fredric Snitzer Gallery came up in 1970s with the efforts of Fredric Snitzer, and has earned the distinction of being among longest standing galleries in Miami now. The gallery displays works from such eminent artists as Maria Martinez-Canas, Alice Aycock, and Hernan Bas, to name a few.

Dina Mitrani Gallery

Dina Mitrani Gallery has sole focus on photography. The gallery came up with the efforts of arts enthusiast Dina Mitrani, who has two decades of experience in the field. It displays great photographs by the talented photographers as Roberto Huarcaya, Chuck Ramirez, etc.

Spinello Projects

Spinello Projects is among Miami’s most recognizable and ambitious galleries. Anthony Spinello is the sole creator of this gallery. The gallery includes works of great artists like Agustina Woodgate.

Art Centre South Florida

This gallery is a great studio space and a cultural centre that is a residence to around 20 brilliant artists. The best part is that the gallery is open 7 days a week; so, one could not only visit great current exhibits but also peek into the life of great artists by visiting the working studios.


The Futurama building is just like Art Centre South Florida as it is also an exhibition space for artists. There are exactly 12 artist studios, and the artists here focus upon the culture and contemporary visual arts in Little Havana.

Topmost Parks In Miami Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

Woman Sitting In A Park

Miami is a great place with a number of nightclubs and beaches. Most of the tourists are attracted by these two main features of the place. However, tourists always get a pleasant surprise when they are exposed to the great parks here that are equipped with countless number of trails, lakes, and other things like hammocks and tennis courts that offer great respite to the tourists from their mundane and hectic life. The green expanses certainly alleviate the tension of people. Here are topmost parks in Miami offering thoroughly rejuvenating experience to visitors.

Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park is just at the centre of Miami Beach. There are a large number of palm trees lining the park. The park is located at a seminal location that has a huge rush of tourists all the time, but astonishingly there is a great sense of calmness and peacefulness in the park that mesmerize the visitors. Moreover, there is a baseball field and a bark park as well inside the park.

Amelia Earhart Park

The best part about visiting Amelia Earhart Park is that there is a dazzling array of aqua sports here including waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddle-boarding, and knee-boarding. Moreover, there is a farm village as well with a small zoo. Meandering through the park offers great experience to visitors.

A.D. Barnes Park

A.D. Barnes Park in South Miami is characterized by all the features that one could think of in a park including biking paths, walking paths, wide expanses of grassy fields, a swimming pool, and a large number of barbecue stations. However, pick of the lot is ‘Sense of Wonder Nature Center.’ It is basically wild animal and bird sanctuary which is worth exploring.

Barnacle Historic State Park

Barnacle Historic State Park is an unmistakable spot in Coral Gables. It is frequently visited by tourists who are interested in exploring about the history of the area. Moreover, ‘The Barnacle,’ which is the oldest residential home in Miami, is also located in the park. The amazing part is that the house has held to its original structure of 1891. It is a well-kept park and there are guided tours available as well.

Biscayne National Underwater Park

Biscayne National Underwater Park is located in Homestead. It offers great fun to people who are always excited to explore clear-blue waters. The park spans 180,000 acres of area, and is characterized by bird sanctuary, mangrove forest, and coral reef. Tourists are always amazed to witness the picturesque beauty of the area.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park in North Beach spans 1000 acres of area, which makes it state’s largest urban park. Tourists love the idea of exploring the widely spread park through a canoe or a kayak, as they enjoy the cool breeze while going past the bushy mangroves and large trees by the side of the water. Other great attractions of the park include mountain biking trails, and a sandy beach located at a height of 1200 ft.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is located in Key Biscayne. It has a number of features that instantly attract the visitors including a historic lighthouse, acres of greenery, paths, and trails, and great exposure to coastlines.

Miami’s Top Class Art Museums That Are A Must To Visit

View Of Perez Art Museum Miami

Miami is a great tourist destination for people. The best part is that there is something for people of all walks of life. And, same is the case with the art scene here. Miami has some world-class museums that showcase artwork by great artists from all over the world. Moreover, what is exciting is the variety of artwork that it has. It not only has contemporary art work, but also has some rare pieces of artwork from history as well. So, it is a great place to visit for art lovers actually. Here is a list of top most art museums in Miami.

Perez Art Museum Miami

Perez Art Museum is a great cultural destination not only for people of Miami but also for people from all over the world. The museum mainly focuses upon the contemporary and modern pieces of artwork by great artists from all over the world. The museum is dedicated to amassing and exhibiting top class international art of 21st as well as 20th century. The museum basically got evolved from Miami Art Museum.

Museum Of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art has always been a great place for the budding artists. It is an unmistakable spot in North Miami. There are all sorts of provocative and innovative exhibits here that never fail to exhilarate the lovers of art. Moreover, the attractive part about the museum is the dazzling array of public educational programs that are organised for people of Miami, as well as for tourists that come here from all corners of world. A large number of artists visit the place regularly in order to get into a healthy debate in order to discuss about the great artistic work by great masters. This helps them get a glimpse into their own cultural heritage as well. The permanent collection here is a treat to watch and it got established way back in 1995. Apart from this, there are around 10 exhibitions that are organised for locals as well as the tourists.

Frost Museum Of Art

Frost Museum of Art is situated in Florida International University, and spans in 46,000 square foot area. It has some incredible art in Miami including the General Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art Center Collection, and Betty Laird Perry Emerging Artist Collection, to name a few.

Lowe Art Museum

The best part about Lowe Art Museum is that it showcases work from various periods of history, including Greco-Roman Antiquities, Italian Renaissance. Apart from this, it has a great variety of art pieces from 17th century to 21st century that are amassed from a number of locations including Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, to name a few. The museum never fails to enthral the tourists, especially the kids by its innovative and educational 3D art pieces that are created by some of the most talented artists in the world.

Bass Museum Of Art

Bass Museum of Art is located in Art Deco District, and specializes in providing the tourists with a great variety of European sculptures, textiles, and paintings. Moreover, it has a dazzling array of temporary exhibits as well that showcase pieces of contemporary art.

Exploring The Most Mesmerizing Parks In Miami

View Of Domino Park

Miami is a great tourist destination that never fails to stun the visitors with its breathtaking beauty. People are certainly spoilt for choices in Miami, since besides nightclubs and coastlines there is a dazzling array of options to spend one’s time here. The same thing is applicable to the parks here. There are whopping 280 parks in Miami. Miami is at number three when it comes to the number of parks situated in a city in the US. These parks are full of lush green grass, mesmerizing trails, tennis courts, hammocks, lakes, etc .that are sure to provide the tourists with the most tranquil atmosphere. They can certainly relax themselves after entering these parks. Here is a list of some of the most mesmerizing parks in Miami.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

People are always surprised to locate Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, which is situated in Key Biscayne. The best part is that the place is not at all crowded, as very few people are aware of this park. So, one could enjoy empty coastlines, acres of trails, lush green surroundings, historic lighthouse, etc. In fact, the beach here has been included in the list of top 10 beaches in the US. However, one is advised to bring some snacks and water in order to make the most of their time.

South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park is a very popular spot that is always inundated with locals as well as the tourists. It is located just at the tip of South Beach towards the southern side. There are a number of benches here, which provide excellent views of the ocean. The whole atmosphere is so overpowering.

Domino Park

Domino Park is actually named Maximo Gomez Park and is considered Little Havana staple. It is a great peaceful space situated amidst the busy area. So, the visitors to the park have the advantage of visiting the famous shops nearby whenever they feel like.

Fruit And Spice Park

Fruit and Spice Park located at Homestead is one its kind in the entire country. There is a whopping 500 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and nuts here. People are not allowed to pick veggies and fruits; however, they can always visit the tasting table in order to savour the delightful taste of the delicacies. Moreover, one could always take a guided tour in order to get a glimpse into the variety of fruits and vegetables found here.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park is located in North Beach and spans 1000 acres of area. In fact, it enjoys the distinction of being state’s largest urban park. Tourists enjoy exploring the thick park via canoe or kayaks, as there is the river that snakes through the park, and gives tourists a chance to explore the pristine beauty of the park. Other features of the park include mountain biking trails, which are very popular among people. Moreover, there is the sandy beach that spans 1200 ft area and is perfectly suitable for afternoon swim. One should come prepared with a bathing suit, a good pair of sneakers, and loads of sunscreen in order to keep the radiations of sun at bay.