Exploring The Things That Miamians Are Passionate About

View Of Miami

Miami is a great destination that enjoys great climatic conditions and availability of a dazzling array of facilities, like eating options, entertainment options, to name a few. People in Miami are incredibly passionate about the facilities that they can avail here. So much so, that some people are even besotted with this charming place. Here are some of the things that Miamians are incredibly passionate about.

Cuban Sandwiches

Miamians have been fortunate to enjoy great culinary scene. Among some of the major contributions that Miamians have made to improve the culinary scene of American is the invention of Cuban Sandwiches that are done to perfection. These sandwiches contain cheese and ham and are too tempting to resist. Moreover, the uniqueness of sandwiches is exhibited by the type of ingredients that are used since one could find mustard, pickles, and mayo inside. All this acts as a pleasant surprise for the diners.


Another thing that Miamians take pride in is the astonishing weather. The climatic conditions here are favourable for living. As the place is surrounded by water, people have the opportunity of enjoying great weather. So, there are ample opportunities with people to choose a beach of their choice and rejuvenate themselves.

The Music

The local scene of the place is exciting and entertaining. There are a number of music shows that are held all over Miami. So, people are exceptionally crazy about music here.

Hurricane Parties

Well, it may well sound dangerous, but people in Miami are accustomed to strong winds blowing in the area. So much so, that people are seen throwing ‘hurricane parties’; that is, they are seen throwing parties in the open, so that they get a chance to savour the delightful musical numbers while enjoying the stormy nights and fast blowing winds. Really, people in Miami are accustomed to this, and they are always looking forward to participate in such adventurous parties.

Getting VIP Treatment

It is true that people in Miami get a 5-star treatment wherever they go. The hospitality industry is well-developed here, and the staff members are well-mannered as well. People are given VIP treatment, so they feel respected, and this enhances their affinity towards the place. So, Miamians are accustomed to getting such incredible treatment, which can be clearly seen in the way VIP coupons are distributed for even seemingly pretty things. For instance, one would get a VIP coupon for getting gas from a certain gas station. So, all this has pampered Miamians now.

People’s Craze For Football

People here are enamoured with sports, especially football. One gets transported in Dan Marino era as soon as he witnesses the crazy fans of Dan Marino trying to imitate his actions on the playfield. This high reverence of people towards the greatest footballer in American history is worth witnessing.

Booty Music And Booty Dance

Booty Music is one of the novel things that are liked by the people here. They love to enjoy their life to the fullest and getting absorbed in booty music, and dancing without any inhibitions is one of the most loved activities of Miamians.

Craze For Cars

People here seem to be infatuated with cars it seems, since one could see all the latest models of cars plying on the roads.

The Exceptional Way Of Spending A Day In Miami

View Of Wynwood Walls

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Miami is decidedly among the best places in the US that are endowed with beautiful weather, amazing beaches, remarkable culinary scene, and multitude of entertainment options. A person can truly enjoy all shades of life while being in Miami; such is the diverse environment of the place. So, here is a list of some of the truly heart-stopping things that one could do while he is in Miami.

3rd Street Beach Yoga

Well, one could start the day in the best possible manner by visiting the 3rd Street Beach Yoga exactly at 7 in the morning and join the group of enthusiasts there who are learning the ancient and proven techniques of yoga and meditation. It brings ultimate start to the day as one feels rejuvenated and refreshed after performing yoga.

Beachfront For Breakfast

After rejuvenating oneself with yoga one could visit Beachfront, a restaurant run by award winning Chef Tom Colicchio, in order to have that amazing breakfast. Some of the great items in the menu include eggs, a cereal bar, homemade granola, organic Greek yummy yogurt bar, oysters, truffle flatbread, and roasted pepper omelettes, to name a few. Moreover, there is a great variety of cocktails as well along with this.

Books & Books

After savouring the relishing breakfast, one could head towards the best bookstore in Miami called Books & Books, which has three branches in Miami. One is straightaway transfixed by the beautiful atmosphere of the place as everyone seems to be engrossed in books completely. Moreover, it appears that the computer and the internet don’t exist altogether as people relish the idea of reading great books here. Moreover, live music and occasional and surprising appearance of celebrity authors here further enhance the enjoyment of the readers.

South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park provides a perfect ambience to enjoy the breathtaking views of nature. The park is located in South of Fifth and is adorned with Art Deco Buildings and modern art sculptures which are a treat to the eyes as they heighten one’s artistic experience. Moreover, the 360 degree views of the ocean are unmistakable. Moreover, a small water park and mammoth grassy area suffice to alleviate all sorts of anxieties from a person’s mind.


Zuma is an unmistakable spot in Downtown Miami. It serves refreshing modern Japanese food, which is flawlessly prepared. There is the eye-catching and mouth-watering rib eye steak that is served along with ponzu sauce. The atmosphere of the place is thoroughly elevating as one finds himself surrounded by business tycoons.

Jet Ski

Jet Skiing is hugely popular among Miamians. Moreover, the best place to enjoy this activity is around the famous Fisher and Star Island. The charming activity always appeals the adventure loving people.

Venetian Pool

Well, there is probably no one in Miami who isn’t aware of this beautiful pool that is dexterously carved out of the famous coral rock formations. People enjoy swimming through the Mediterranean caves, stone bridges, and other lookout caves.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls are famous for the decidedly the coolest graffiti art in the world. Art lovers find this place completely irresistible.


Cruising in Miami

Miami Cruise Month is here and it’s offering a bag full of goodies to those looking for a great deal on their next trip to the sun-kissed beaches of Miami. You can get freebies, money off fares and also enjoy upgrades from the seven cruise lines participating in the Miami Cruise Month, and these are Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, MSC, Carnival, Oceania, and Regent Seven Seas and Celebrity.

Miami is South Florida’ international city that serves as a gateway to Latin America, and it has legions of travelers flocking in every day. Hailed as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world for its popular beaches, amazing culinary experiences, thrilling nightlife, and Latin flavor, this is one destination that you would want to check out for sure.

The city has lots to offer to the travelers with different tastes and interests. Whether you are seeking a quiet retreat amongst the sandy beaches, simply lazing around, sipping on your cocktails, feeling the warm air on your hair and watching people…or you would like to experience an adrenalin rush by enjoying the water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving, Miami has you covered.

Other than spending time in the never ending stretches of pristine beaches, you can explore the rich history of the city and enjoy watching a wildlife show. You can also pamper your taste buds by giving into the rich taste and aroma of the seasonal stone crabs. The shell may be hard, but wait once you get to the meat that’s sweet and luscious.


When you book in advance, you can grab some really amazing deals and offers from the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. Some of the really exciting offers that will blow your mind away are:

  • Buy-one-get-one-free fares
  • Shipboard credits
  • Free drinks
  • More credits for sailings out of Miami

Here are some of the sample deals and offers that you will find on a variety of sailings in the Miami Cruise Month:

Norwegian Cruise offers ‘Free at sea’ promo deal that allows the onboard passengers to enjoy free unlimited beverages, shore excursions, specialty dining experience, and Wi-Fi access.

Oceania cruise is offering to hard to resist deals which include a discount of $750 per person on verandas on the Caribbean sailings aboard the Riviera in the month of April.

If you choose to sail with the Celebrity cruise then you get to enjoy amazing offers that include free Internet, free tips, free drinks, and an onboard credit of $150.


Take a Miami cruise to pamper yourself and your special someone and what can be better – you get to enjoy exciting deals that helps you save money on your vacation too. You can also choose from the wide range of hotel packages available online and save money on holiday tours too. Book early to grab the best deals on time so that you don’t have to regret later!



Superbowl 2016

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Miami has always been one of the most celebrated cities when it comes to super bowl. Super bowl 50 is being hosted by California this year but still the celebrations in Miami would be worth watching. You can be sitting in a cabana on a pool side in Miami and enjoy the Super Bowl along with having the leisure of a bar and the beautiful environment or enjoy the visiting Miami’s Sun Life Stadium.


You can watch the Super Bowl in Miami fashion while just relaxing in Cabana and enjoying the game instead of going to a bar and having some drinks like a normal day. Celebrate this special event at Fontainebleau which is offering special cabana offers including Butler services and built in TV along with a special offer “End Zone” which brings barbecue platter and three Heineken Buckets. The Delano is another option situated on the beach and offering a cabana fitting in 10 fans along with the availability of snacks from Bianca restaurant.


Shula’s Hotel and Golf Club is a perfect place for the game lovers. The place owned by the Miami Dolphins Coach and legend Don Shula also containing the memorabilia from the 1972’s perfect season for the Dolphins offers televisions and a perfect environment for the day. Who knows you could have the company of the legend and be able to get some selfies with the legend?


There are a number of casinos in the city but The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino stands out because of its beautiful environment and the opportunities of enjoying gambling along with the game. Even after the game the party does not end but it just starts and you can have some Japanese fare and cocktails and listen to quality hard rock music. The Japanese hotel located just outside Miami gives you a peaceful environment where you can enjoy yourself without any kind of intervention.


If you want to enjoy the game day with the others instead of just sitting with your friends or family Miami offers you a number of options. The bar at tony Mandarin Oriental has a special menu just for the Super Bowl Sunday which offers short rib sliders with caramelized Vidalia onions which you can enjoy in its beautiful lounge.

Situated in Coral Gables, the Local Craft Food & Drink offers quality food for the occasion which includes a special hamburger for $12 including bacon crust, pickled onion and cocktails. In-the-know patrons offer a great drink on this occasion naming “Where’s winter” along with an $8 punch.


The Sun Life Stadium in Miami has a lot of football legacy as the Miami Dolphins were considered unbeatable in 1970’s and many Super Bowl matches have been held in this stadium. The stadium is the witness of the 1973’s Super Bowl Win of Miami Dolphins and many other historical matches. You can enjoy the day in this stadium just going through the history being made in this place.