Miami’s Top Class Art Museums That Are A Must To Visit

View Of Perez Art Museum Miami

Miami is a great tourist destination for people. The best part is that there is something for people of all walks of life. And, same is the case with the art scene here. Miami has some world-class museums that showcase artwork by great artists from all over the world. Moreover, what is exciting is the variety of artwork that it has. It not only has contemporary art work, but also has some rare pieces of artwork from history as well. So, it is a great place to visit for art lovers actually. Here is a list of top most art museums in Miami.

Perez Art Museum Miami

Perez Art Museum is a great cultural destination not only for people of Miami but also for people from all over the world. The museum mainly focuses upon the contemporary and modern pieces of artwork by great artists from all over the world. The museum is dedicated to amassing and exhibiting top class international art of 21st as well as 20th century. The museum basically got evolved from Miami Art Museum.

Museum Of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art has always been a great place for the budding artists. It is an unmistakable spot in North Miami. There are all sorts of provocative and innovative exhibits here that never fail to exhilarate the lovers of art. Moreover, the attractive part about the museum is the dazzling array of public educational programs that are organised for people of Miami, as well as for tourists that come here from all corners of world. A large number of artists visit the place regularly in order to get into a healthy debate in order to discuss about the great artistic work by great masters. This helps them get a glimpse into their own cultural heritage as well. The permanent collection here is a treat to watch and it got established way back in 1995. Apart from this, there are around 10 exhibitions that are organised for locals as well as the tourists.

Frost Museum Of Art

Frost Museum of Art is situated in Florida International University, and spans in 46,000 square foot area. It has some incredible art in Miami including the General Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art Center Collection, and Betty Laird Perry Emerging Artist Collection, to name a few.

Lowe Art Museum

The best part about Lowe Art Museum is that it showcases work from various periods of history, including Greco-Roman Antiquities, Italian Renaissance. Apart from this, it has a great variety of art pieces from 17th century to 21st century that are amassed from a number of locations including Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, to name a few. The museum never fails to enthral the tourists, especially the kids by its innovative and educational 3D art pieces that are created by some of the most talented artists in the world.

Bass Museum Of Art

Bass Museum of Art is located in Art Deco District, and specializes in providing the tourists with a great variety of European sculptures, textiles, and paintings. Moreover, it has a dazzling array of temporary exhibits as well that showcase pieces of contemporary art.

Exploring The Most Mesmerizing Parks In Miami

View Of Domino Park

Miami is a great tourist destination that never fails to stun the visitors with its breathtaking beauty. People are certainly spoilt for choices in Miami, since besides nightclubs and coastlines there is a dazzling array of options to spend one’s time here. The same thing is applicable to the parks here. There are whopping 280 parks in Miami. Miami is at number three when it comes to the number of parks situated in a city in the US. These parks are full of lush green grass, mesmerizing trails, tennis courts, hammocks, lakes, etc .that are sure to provide the tourists with the most tranquil atmosphere. They can certainly relax themselves after entering these parks. Here is a list of some of the most mesmerizing parks in Miami.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

People are always surprised to locate Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, which is situated in Key Biscayne. The best part is that the place is not at all crowded, as very few people are aware of this park. So, one could enjoy empty coastlines, acres of trails, lush green surroundings, historic lighthouse, etc. In fact, the beach here has been included in the list of top 10 beaches in the US. However, one is advised to bring some snacks and water in order to make the most of their time.

South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park is a very popular spot that is always inundated with locals as well as the tourists. It is located just at the tip of South Beach towards the southern side. There are a number of benches here, which provide excellent views of the ocean. The whole atmosphere is so overpowering.

Domino Park

Domino Park is actually named Maximo Gomez Park and is considered Little Havana staple. It is a great peaceful space situated amidst the busy area. So, the visitors to the park have the advantage of visiting the famous shops nearby whenever they feel like.

Fruit And Spice Park

Fruit and Spice Park located at Homestead is one its kind in the entire country. There is a whopping 500 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and nuts here. People are not allowed to pick veggies and fruits; however, they can always visit the tasting table in order to savour the delightful taste of the delicacies. Moreover, one could always take a guided tour in order to get a glimpse into the variety of fruits and vegetables found here.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park is located in North Beach and spans 1000 acres of area. In fact, it enjoys the distinction of being state’s largest urban park. Tourists enjoy exploring the thick park via canoe or kayaks, as there is the river that snakes through the park, and gives tourists a chance to explore the pristine beauty of the park. Other features of the park include mountain biking trails, which are very popular among people. Moreover, there is the sandy beach that spans 1200 ft area and is perfectly suitable for afternoon swim. One should come prepared with a bathing suit, a good pair of sneakers, and loads of sunscreen in order to keep the radiations of sun at bay.

Road Trips From Miami That Offer Incredibly Amazing Experience

Women Posing Driving A Car

Miami is a great tourist spot that is inundated with visitors. Tourists are always amazing to find a dazzling array of options available with them to pass their time in the best possible manner in Miami. However, quite often the tourists complain about the increasing number of tourists at some specific locations. So, they are always motivated to explore some spots around Miami. And, luckily, there are a number of exciting locations around Miami. Moreover, the road trips to Miami are also quite rejuvenating and refreshing. So, tourists are always enchanted by the idea of embarking upon such road trips whenever they are guided by the locals. Here are some exciting road trips that could offer unforgettable memories for the tourists visiting Miami.

St. Augustine, FL

This spot is around 5 hour drive from Miami; but, people are always excited to embark upon this road trip, since they are greeted with cool breeze and some spectacular scenes on their way. Moreover, the place has historic significance since it is the oldest settlement of the US. One could visit Castillo San Marcos in order to learn more about the historical significance of the place. Other spots to visit include ‘Ice Plant Distillery And Bar.’

Key West, FL

Visit to Key West, Florida fills the tourists with awe and wonder as they are mesmerized by the spellbinding surroundings around them. They experience the thrill of driving on the Overseas Highway with Gulf of Mexico towards their right, and vast Atlantic Ocean towards their left. Apart from this, they could always visit some interesting spots including Postcard Inn where they could enjoy paddleboarding. Or, they could also visit Lazy Days Restaurant in order to enjoy the idyllic and hypnotizing setting of the place, and get absorbed in the heavenly taste of the dishes. They could also visit ‘The Rain Barrel Artisan Village’ in order to witness the beauty of a gigantic spiny lobster statue there.

Everglades National Park, Florida

Everglades National Park in Florida is just 40 miles from Miami; still, the place offers great respite from the hectic routine that one is leading. Moreover, it makes for a great spot for the tourists since they could always visit the place and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. People who love to commune with nature find it the perfect spot to visit. Moreover, there is something for everyone besides nature lovers, as there are plenty of hikes, canoes, bike rides, airboats, and even a tram. One could simply get absorbed in the idyllic and serene surrounding.

Sanibel And Captiva Islands, Florida

Getting to Sanibel And Captiva Islands is real fun since one travels through Tamiami Trail, which is flanked by Everglades. So, the journey itself is so soothing and peaceful that one falls in love with this fascinating and entrancing surrounding. Furthermore, the visit to the islands is full of immense inner pleasure since one is provided with laid-back atmosphere. The islands are well-preserved, and one could always find some great restaurants here. The place has a number of hiking trails which are suitable for people from all walks of life.

Uncovering Ways To Spend Quality Time In Miami

View Of A Swimming Pool

Miami is a great place to visit as it has a lot of facilities to offer to the visitors. The place has a great range of restaurants, bars, hotels, parks, museums, etc. which never fail to enthral the visitors. One could have best moments of his life in Miami. Here are some of the ways to spend quality time in Miami.

Main Library

Visit to the Main Library offers an unforgettable experience for art lovers and historians. There are a number of invaluable artefacts here that catch the attention of the visitors. The most popular spot is the Florida Room, which is astoundingly beautiful spot. Moreover, it has some rare and precious items reflecting Miami’s rich history. So, the place always enhances the aesthetic experience of visitors and offers them insights into Miami’s history.

Wynwood Mural

Again, the spot is frequently visited by the art lovers, since it has an amazing collection of mural on the walls that are painted by gifted local artists. The site is a treat to watch.

Perform Yoga Along With Others At Bayfront Park

Tina Hills Pavilion in Bayfront Park attracts a huge number of visitors who are looking for ways to reinvigorate themselves. Over a period of time the place has become popular among the locals as well as the tourists. There is no one, perhaps, who is not looking for ways to de-stress himself amidst such competitive environment.

Hialeah Park Racing & Casino

Hialeah Park Racing & Casino is also an option to spend quality time. One could watch their favourite horses trying to outdo others. Moreover, there is a casino as well that offers unlimited fun to the visitors.

Biltmore Hotel Tour

People have always been fascinated by some intriguing things that happened in the past. So, a visit to Biltmore hotel could leave them enriched, since they could learn about the secrets of the 13th floor of the hotel. Moreover, the surrounding areas at Coral Gables offer great soothing experience as well.

Cultural Fridays

Little Havana is liked by a vast majority of people because of the unlimited fun they could have at this place. Moreover, the excitement of people knows no bounds on last Friday of every month as these are celebrated as Cultural Fridays. The who place dons a completely transformed look on last Friday,  as a number of activities are organised including cigar rollers, domino games, dancing, display of Cuban art, mojitos, and cafecitos, to name a few. The whole atmosphere is completely electrifying and elevating.

Kite Festival At Haulover Park

People could always participate in Kite Festival in order to experience the thrill of flying kites. Moreover, kite flying is quite common here; so, people don’t have to wait for the Kite Festival to fly a kite.

Spending Time In Hotel Pools

Pools offer a thoroughly rejuvenating experience to people, as they are able to relax and sunbath. The best part is that there are a number of hotels in Miami that are equipped with pools. Apart from this, there are a number of other pools as well. So, one could visit the pools in order to amass some unforgettable moments.

Incredibly Amazing Ways Of Spending Quality Time In Miami

View Of Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

It becomes difficult sometimes for people to decide where to go out for a picnic, or how to ensure that they spend their time with their friends and family members in the best possible manner. However, people in Miami have never experienced this difficulty, since there are a plethora of options of spending quality time in Miami.

Hit The Beach

Well, as Miami is surrounded by water there are some enthralling beaches here in Miami. The best part is that if one wants calm and peaceful environment they can always head towards the beaches in the vicinity of Miami, since not only are these beaches extremely beautiful and pristine but also offer spectacular views of the ocean.

Rickenbacker Causeway

Among amazing things in Miami, Rickenbacker Causeway is one such spot that never fails to enthral the visitors. Tourists are mesmerized by the charismatic views of the Downtown that they witness from here. Moreover, they are completely awed by the fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere as well.


Vizacaya is an unmistakable spot in Coconut Grove, which is a heaven for people who love to commune with nature. There are plenty of options to go in trance amidst the tranquil surroundings here. Tourists love this spot the moment they enter here. Moreover, there is a café as well inside that serves extremely delicious and mouth-watering food.

Oleta River State Park

Visit to Oleta River State Park is on the list of hundreds of Miamians who are thinking of spending a restful weekend. One simply needs to rent a kayak and head straight into the calming water of Oleta River. The experience of paddling through the unspoilt water, while witnessing mangroves, eerily gigantic birds, and a dazzling array of wild species of birds is simply unsurpassed.


People looking to satiate the cravings of their palate should visit homestead on a cool and sunny day in order to enjoy sumptuous tacos there served Taqueria Morelia. They are not only healthy but also mind-boggling.

Venetian Pool

Swimming in Venetian Pool is a great experience for the Miamians, since they regularly visit this historic pool that is formed out of old coral rock formations. One is invariably intrigued by the Mediterranean caves, stone bridges, lookout towers, etc. The best part about the pool is that the water here is drained out daily, so as to re-fill the pool again with fresh spring water.

Oasis Raspados

Miamians have always embraced different varieties of food, and this is the reason why food trucks here are hugely popular and enjoy the same popularity as any posh restaurant. So, in order to get that amazing taste of Raspados, one must locate Oasis Raspados in Miami in order to taste this luscious delicacy.


Fishing in Everglades is another option that offers truly great and inspiring experience. People feel so relaxed to cut themselves off from the rest of the world and get absorbed in catching fish in Everglades National Park.

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

People are invariable entranced by the wide expanse of Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden spanning 83 acres of area that is bedecked with flowers, rare palms, art installations, and walking paths.

Unearthing One Of The Best Ways To Spend A Day In Miami

View Of Oleta River State Park

Miami is a beautiful place that is surrounded by water, and has all sorts of modern facilities for its residents. Tourists coming here fall in love with this place since they find themselves spoilt for choices, as there is a dazzling array of options to spend one’s time in Miami. So, one needs to plan how to make the most of their time in Miami, and so, here is one of the best ways to spend a day in Miami.

Mary’s Coin Laundry And Cafeteria

Mary’s Coin Laundry and Cafeteria is an unassuming spot in Coconut Grove that provides exceedingly entrancing Cuban Coffee. The best part is that it is open 24/7. So, there can’t be a better start to a day than having a rejuvenating coffee at this incredible spot.

Miami Beach

The next beautiful thing a person could do at this hour is hit the Miami Beach in order to witness magnificent views of the sunrise. Moreover, if one hits the Collins Avenue they are greeted by a sea of humanity that is out there to get some early tan.

Oleta River State Park

Another activity befitting for a relaxing day in Miami is kayaking at this national park called Oleta River State Park. One comes across a lot of big birds, wildlife, a giant sandbar, etc. Above all, the atmosphere invariably has a hypnotizing effect on the visitors, since they seem to fall into a trance after experiencing the natural beauty of the place.

Jungle Island

Continuing with their pursuit of exploring the best things and places in Miami, one could visit Jungle Island in MacArthur Causeway in order to get that behind-the-scene tour where they can get really close to the various creatures like tortoise, lemur, kangaroo, etc. The guide present there provides all the relevant information while ensuring proper protection of the tourists from the animals.

Under The Mango Tree

This spot near South Beach deserves a mention for the yummy soothies it has to offer. The perfectly done five-serving mix of smoothies and juices provided here is simply spectacular.

Lemoni Café

After spending a morning exploring the natural beauty of Miami, people certainly need to fill their tummies, and for all those wanting to get the authentic taste of Mediterranean dishes, Lemoni Café in Buena Vista is a perfect spot. There is a dazzling array of options one could choose from including toasted pita, feta, olives, and homemade hummus, to name a few.


The picnic at Vizcaya in Coconut Grove can completely revitalize a person. The atmosphere here is so soothing and relaxing. Overall, it is just an ideal place for introverts who love to commune with nature.

Crandon Park

Crandon Park is liked by tourists since they get to enjoy a number of activities there including golfing, playing tennis, and kiteboarding, to name a few. The place is adorned with butterfly gardens, mangroves, nature trails, educational facilities, and BBQ spots. Moreover, there are lessons for people to learn the intricacies involved in kiteboarding. So, one could learn this art and enjoy this unique activity, while savouring the natural scenic beauty of the park.

Exploring The Things That Miamians Are Passionate About

View Of Miami

Miami is a great destination that enjoys great climatic conditions and availability of a dazzling array of facilities, like eating options, entertainment options, to name a few. People in Miami are incredibly passionate about the facilities that they can avail here. So much so, that some people are even besotted with this charming place. Here are some of the things that Miamians are incredibly passionate about.

Cuban Sandwiches

Miamians have been fortunate to enjoy great culinary scene. Among some of the major contributions that Miamians have made to improve the culinary scene of American is the invention of Cuban Sandwiches that are done to perfection. These sandwiches contain cheese and ham and are too tempting to resist. Moreover, the uniqueness of sandwiches is exhibited by the type of ingredients that are used since one could find mustard, pickles, and mayo inside. All this acts as a pleasant surprise for the diners.


Another thing that Miamians take pride in is the astonishing weather. The climatic conditions here are favourable for living. As the place is surrounded by water, people have the opportunity of enjoying great weather. So, there are ample opportunities with people to choose a beach of their choice and rejuvenate themselves.

The Music

The local scene of the place is exciting and entertaining. There are a number of music shows that are held all over Miami. So, people are exceptionally crazy about music here.

Hurricane Parties

Well, it may well sound dangerous, but people in Miami are accustomed to strong winds blowing in the area. So much so, that people are seen throwing ‘hurricane parties’; that is, they are seen throwing parties in the open, so that they get a chance to savour the delightful musical numbers while enjoying the stormy nights and fast blowing winds. Really, people in Miami are accustomed to this, and they are always looking forward to participate in such adventurous parties.

Getting VIP Treatment

It is true that people in Miami get a 5-star treatment wherever they go. The hospitality industry is well-developed here, and the staff members are well-mannered as well. People are given VIP treatment, so they feel respected, and this enhances their affinity towards the place. So, Miamians are accustomed to getting such incredible treatment, which can be clearly seen in the way VIP coupons are distributed for even seemingly pretty things. For instance, one would get a VIP coupon for getting gas from a certain gas station. So, all this has pampered Miamians now.

People’s Craze For Football

People here are enamoured with sports, especially football. One gets transported in Dan Marino era as soon as he witnesses the crazy fans of Dan Marino trying to imitate his actions on the playfield. This high reverence of people towards the greatest footballer in American history is worth witnessing.

Booty Music And Booty Dance

Booty Music is one of the novel things that are liked by the people here. They love to enjoy their life to the fullest and getting absorbed in booty music, and dancing without any inhibitions is one of the most loved activities of Miamians.

Craze For Cars

People here seem to be infatuated with cars it seems, since one could see all the latest models of cars plying on the roads.

The Exceptional Way Of Spending A Day In Miami

View Of Wynwood Walls

pio3 /

Miami is decidedly among the best places in the US that are endowed with beautiful weather, amazing beaches, remarkable culinary scene, and multitude of entertainment options. A person can truly enjoy all shades of life while being in Miami; such is the diverse environment of the place. So, here is a list of some of the truly heart-stopping things that one could do while he is in Miami.

3rd Street Beach Yoga

Well, one could start the day in the best possible manner by visiting the 3rd Street Beach Yoga exactly at 7 in the morning and join the group of enthusiasts there who are learning the ancient and proven techniques of yoga and meditation. It brings ultimate start to the day as one feels rejuvenated and refreshed after performing yoga.

Beachfront For Breakfast

After rejuvenating oneself with yoga one could visit Beachfront, a restaurant run by award winning Chef Tom Colicchio, in order to have that amazing breakfast. Some of the great items in the menu include eggs, a cereal bar, homemade granola, organic Greek yummy yogurt bar, oysters, truffle flatbread, and roasted pepper omelettes, to name a few. Moreover, there is a great variety of cocktails as well along with this.

Books & Books

After savouring the relishing breakfast, one could head towards the best bookstore in Miami called Books & Books, which has three branches in Miami. One is straightaway transfixed by the beautiful atmosphere of the place as everyone seems to be engrossed in books completely. Moreover, it appears that the computer and the internet don’t exist altogether as people relish the idea of reading great books here. Moreover, live music and occasional and surprising appearance of celebrity authors here further enhance the enjoyment of the readers.

South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park provides a perfect ambience to enjoy the breathtaking views of nature. The park is located in South of Fifth and is adorned with Art Deco Buildings and modern art sculptures which are a treat to the eyes as they heighten one’s artistic experience. Moreover, the 360 degree views of the ocean are unmistakable. Moreover, a small water park and mammoth grassy area suffice to alleviate all sorts of anxieties from a person’s mind.


Zuma is an unmistakable spot in Downtown Miami. It serves refreshing modern Japanese food, which is flawlessly prepared. There is the eye-catching and mouth-watering rib eye steak that is served along with ponzu sauce. The atmosphere of the place is thoroughly elevating as one finds himself surrounded by business tycoons.

Jet Ski

Jet Skiing is hugely popular among Miamians. Moreover, the best place to enjoy this activity is around the famous Fisher and Star Island. The charming activity always appeals the adventure loving people.

Venetian Pool

Well, there is probably no one in Miami who isn’t aware of this beautiful pool that is dexterously carved out of the famous coral rock formations. People enjoy swimming through the Mediterranean caves, stone bridges, and other lookout caves.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls are famous for the decidedly the coolest graffiti art in the world. Art lovers find this place completely irresistible.

Miami’s Top Class Italian Restaurants Defining The Culinary Scene

People Posing Smiling

Miami has recently become a great destination for the tourists, especially because of its flawless culinary scene, wherein one could get all sorts of dishes from all possible cuisines. The same is the case with Italian dishes. There are a number of restaurateurs from Italy who have settled here, and have taken it upon themselves to provide authentic and appetizing dishes to the people of Miami. They offer great dining experience. Although there is a plethora of Italian restaurants in Miami, still, there are some restaurants that stand out from the rest and define the culinary scene of Miami. Some of these top class restaurants are listed here.

Salumeria 104

Salumeria 104 is a well-known Italian restaurant in Midtown. The restaurant not only provides authentic dishes but the portions are quite fulfilling as well. All the dishes are done to perfection, but the one that stands out from the rest is cavatelli that is prepared from house-made ricotto.

La Locanda

La Locanda is an unassuming spot in Washington Avenue between Fifth and Fourth Streets. The best part about the restaurant is the dazzling array of dishes that it has to offer. And, the pizza offered here is decidedly the best in Miami.


Sylvano in South Beach is hot favourite among the locals, thanks to the perfectly made dishes and extensive menu of food items. This is the reason why the place attracts a number of return visitors.

Casa D’Angelo

Casa D’ Angelo is located in Ft. Lauderdale and has come up with strenuous efforts of Chef Angelo Elia, who leaves no stone unturned in providing the best dining experience to the diners. The dishes served here are amazingly fresh, rejuvenating, and irresistible.

Pane E Vino

Pane E Vino is an unpretentious spot in South Beach that serves heavenly food. People are straightaway mesmerized by the beauty of this tiny spot, wherein they can witness the making of pasta in front of their eyes from the glass walls. Moreover, the taste of pastas is equally exhilarating and stunning. The hustle and bustle of the restaurant engrosses one completely.


Spasso in Coconut Grove is one of the promising new restaurants that is all set to define the culinary scene of Miami. The Chef Gaetano Ascione has plenty of experience under his belt and runs his restaurants in Chicago and London. He is a master chef who is adept in preparing unsurpassed dishes. All credit goes to him to enhance the culinary scene of Miami by introducing native Neapolitan cuisine to the people here. He prepares some unforgettable dishes like house-made tortellini that is smothered with mozzarella and spinach, and is too tempting to resist.

Via Emilia 9

Via Emilia 9 is revered as one of the best romantic restaurants in Miami. Dim lights of the restaurant along with metal-fixture and wooden tables straightaway alleviate all sorts of anxieties from one’s mind. On the top of this, the dishes served here are equally appealing and entrancing. One could savour such culinary dishes as house-made pasta including gnocchi four formaggi. And then, there is tortellini alla panna, which is done to perfection as well.

Top Class Restaurants In Miami Serving Incredibly Delicious Sushi

Picture Of Sushi

Miami has become a promising place lately when it comes to getting amazingly delicious and lip-smacking seafood, mainly because the place is surrounded by water. So, there is no dearth of places serving great varieties of fish here. However, the problem arises when everyone boasts of serving fresh and delicious seafood, when, in fact, only a handful of these restaurants serve great food. So, here is a list of top class restaurants in Miami that have carved a niche for themselves when it comes to serving incredibly delicious sushi.


Makoto in Bal Harbour is a popular restaurant famous for offering authentic Japanese dishes. The shipment containing fish comes directly from Japan here three times in a week. Moreover, the chef Makoto Okuwa is expert in making scrumptious sushis that are sure to overpower the visitors.


There is no perhaps no foodie in Miami who hasn’t heard of this top class restaurant. The spot is always choked with diners who could be seen vying with each other to get their chance to taste the perfectly done sushi. The wait could be endless; however, the quality of the sushi is unsurpassed.

Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi is known for offering innovative dishes to the expectant diners. The place is famous for offering excellent quality beef dishes as well. However, what’s more conspicuous in the menu is the perfectly prepared and purely authentic delicious sushi that is served along with steaming rice.


Nobu is decidedly the best spot in Miami for eating incredibly flavoursome and yummy sushi. The popularity of the restaurant can be gauged from the number of its return visitors. Moreover, the place is frequently visited by the elites who simply know about ‘Nobu’ as the place offering matchless quality of sushi.


Katsuya is known for offering freshly caught fish to the diners. Moreover, the Chef Katsuya Uechi is not only experimental but also quite experienced. So, one is sure of getting extremely gorgeous and delectable sushi here. Moreover, the owners of the restaurant strive to provide a different décor to the visitors in order to make sure that the place never dons a drab look.


Matsuri is known for offering great variety sushi. Diners are always intrigued and stunned by the amazing cuts of fish that are served to them including hotate yaki, yaki ika, otoro, and madai. These cuts are very hard to find and that is why the place enjoys a great rush of people all the time.

Fung Ku

This unassuming spot is actually one of the best locations in Miami to eat deliciously done sushi. The chef here is experimental and never fails to come up to the expectations of the diners.

Sushi House

Sushi House is a great place to have sushi as it not only offers the best sushi in Miami but also offers a tranquil and serene ambience where one could have the best time of their life. So, one doesn’t have to shove anyone to get their chance of eating the sushi, as they can relax amidst the soothing atmosphere and enjoy the authentic sushi.