The Topmost Places To Visit In The City Of Miami

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Miami As Seen From Watson Island

For the locals of Miami, the existing culture is the heart and soul of the city. To understand Miami more closely, one needs to have a close look at the topmost attractions of the place. Here is a brief overview of the places which define what Miami is.


Beautifully positioned between the Design District and Wynwood, this is an intimate lounge wherein diverse local bands perform and different events are held. The décor of the place is comfortable and cozy, although one might find the drinks a bit expensive. Bardot makes a lot of contribution, especially during events such as Miami Book Fair, Art Basel and Winter Music Conference. Moreover, they are the soul of the III Points Festival.

Grand Central

A number of medium sized touring bands belonging to a range of musical genres have made this downtown space their hub. When no concerts are held in this venue, it becomes a club governed by promoters, which is a key factor in driving progressive growth in Miami for around two decades. Moreover, Grand Central is integrally as well as legitimately linked to the future of Downtown and plays an active role in the evolution of the place. Events paying tribute to Miami’s history are also held and an outstanding relationship is maintained with the Downtown Development Authority.

The Nest

This intimate and small place happens to be a performing venue for rising jamtronica bands and jam artists. If one considers the music festivals such as Hangout, Camp Bisco, Bonnaroo, Bear Creek or Wakarusa, it is very likely that one will come across a band from The Nest playing and performing the music festival circuit. Massive Ideas, who are the promoters of this lovely place, are expected to grace Miami with a genuine music festival.

Wood Tavern

It can be said that this Wynwood spot is one of the most successful and coolest venues, with the prices quite affordable. The crowd that gathers here is cosmopolitan, multicultural, beautiful and diverse. In fact, Wood Tavern lets one become vibrant by imbibing the energy of Wynwood. Cesar Morales, who owns Wood Tavern listens to the city’s people and the ambiance seems to have an organic Miami vibe. They also have a sports bar (Benchwarmers) and a club (Bizerq) in the Design District.

O Cinema

This Wynwood-based independent movie theater offers a wonderful experience. The past few years have seen the evolution of the venue in terms of quality of film projection, offering comfort to patrons and programming originality. The owners of this theater are committed to offering the city with a forum for community engagement and discussion. This makes the place much more than just a venue for showcasing independent films of high-quality.


This Wynwood bar constitutes three different rooms, namely an intimate back room, a large exterior courtyard, and an interior railroad bar. Increasingly hosting events that appeal to the intelligentsia, Gramp’s is taking the shape of a venue that is transcending the neighborhood, by providing it with “brains”.

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