Things to Do in Miami

Things to Do in Miami
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Things to Do in Miami

Port Miami has been the number 1 cruise port in the world for one reason and one reason only – the fact that Miami is a city of many guises. From the Miami of Miami Vice to the crazy parties of South Beach, from the powdery white sand beaches and exotic dance clubs to magnificent art galleries and breathtaking natural beauty, Miami has a little bit of everything. Top all this off with the eccentricity that the city has to offer and you have the perfect combination of insanely beautiful people, weird experiences and glittering sights. Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Miami.

Miami Beach

South Beach
Any trip to Miami can never be complete without visiting South Beach, the ultimate party and shopping destination in Miami. South Beach is famous for its trendy settings, luxurious shopping and super wild parties. You can party throughout the night in the area, spend an entire weekend exploring the various sights and surrounds, stay in one of the many hotels located here, take part in a South Beach walking tour or explore the unique architecture that the area has to offer.


Little Havana
Little Havana is an ideal place for all those who wish to enjoy Cuban lifestyles while in Miami. This neighborhood is full of Cuban immigrants and is home to thousands of Cubans who fled their homeland after Fidel Castro came to power in the year 1959. The Mediterranean style houses, Cuban cigar stores, replicas of Cuban restaurants and Latin music is definitely worth your while and they promise to offer you an experience like no other.


Zoo Miami
Zoo Miami is considered to be one of the best zoos in the country. It boasts of animals from all over Africa, Asia and Australia. Zoo Miami became popular as one of the first free range zoos in America and all of its exhibits are cageless. The zoo groups animals according to their geographic territory and animals that can live peacefully with each other are placed with each other to recreate the “wild”.


Venetian Pool
The Venetian Pool is a huge outdoor swimming pool that ranks among the most beautiful swimming pools in the world. In the year 1920, the site was converted into a mock Italian villa and the breathtaking details makes one feel as if they’re already in Venice. The place is actually known to be extremely glamorous and the pool itself has played host to countless Hollywood stars, orchestras and dance troupes. Just try to avoid going to the pool when it is full of overenthusiastic toddlers.


Coral Castle
Coral Castle is considered to be one of the most unique sights in Miami. It was constructed by Ed Leedskalnin, a Latvian born city businessman as a monument to the women he loved. After almost 28 years, he opened this 1100 ton coral creation for the world to see and the result of his hard work is worth watching.


Miami Beach Botanical Garden
The Miami Beach Botanical Garden underwent a $1.2 million makeover in the year 2011 under the supervision of architect Raymond Jungles. It is an oasis of green offers guests with 2.6 acres of breathtaking landscapes, a weekly farmers market, relaxed atmospheres, afternoon yoga classes and exciting fitness regimes. So whether you plan to read a book under the shade of a beautifully maintained palm tree or keep up with your fitness regime, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a perfect fit for you.


Jungle Island
Jungle Island, formerly called Parrot Jungle, is a fun way of getting up close and personal with tropical birds in an exact replica of their natural habitat. Guests can choose from all sorts of field trips and programs and enjoy one of the most exciting opportunities that Miami has to offer.


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is believed to be a replica of one of those fairy tale residences. It was constructed by James Deering, who employed about 1000 people for a total of 4 years in order to fulfil his dream of creating a home that looked centuries old. He also stuffed the mansion with artifacts, furniture, paintings, arts and tapestries from the 15th – 19th centuries. The 30 acre property also boasts of having magnificent gardens, beautiful Florentine gazebos and amazing paintings.


Monkey Jungle
Monkey Jungle has popularly been termed as the place where “humans are caged and monkeys run wild”. This unique setting allows people to walk through carefully designed pathways which takes them through the homes of various primate species and allows them to watch these interesting creatures interact with each other in a way that is impossible when they are in captivity.

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