Top Three Museums In Miami That Offer Elevating Experience

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View Of Jewish Museum Of Florida

Miami is a great spot to visit for tourists, since there is a dazzling array of possibilities here, from football games to music festivals, the list is simply endless. This is the reason the places witnesses a huge rush of tourists every year. Moreover, there are some tourists who are always interested in finding about the history of the place. So, Miami doesn’t disappoint such tourists as well, since there are a lot of museums and historical places here that elevate the tourists. So, here is a list of top three museums in Miami that offer great elevating experience to tourist by offering them great insights into the historical and cultural heritage of this place.

Bass Art Museum

Bass Art Museum is ultimate place for history lovers, since the main aim of the museum is to explore the intricate relation between the historical collections and the modern contemporary art. The museum is located in Art Deco District, and the building is among the most historic buildings as well. So, the location and the building both complement the artefacts in the museum. The museum came into being because of the strenuous efforts of art collectors Johanna and John Bass. Their contribution enriched the cultural scene of Miami to a large extent. The best part is that the curators and administrators of the museum have made great efforts in amassing artefacts of great cultural importance from various countries around the world. The artefacts are around 500 years old and enable a person to get a great insight into the history of humankind.

Coral Castle Museum

Coral Castle Museum is among the most enigmatic accomplishments of the world. It is located in Homestead, and the credit for this beautiful museum goes to Edward Leedskalnin, who created each and every sculpture. He utilized coral rock and used 1100 tons of it in order to make the sculptures. The appealing part is that none of the sculpture resembles any other sculpture. The enigmatic aspect is that Edward Leedskalnin created these unique and intriguing sculptures in a span of 28 years from 1923 till 1951, but people are completely speechless how he was able to create the sculptures at that time, when there were no advanced construction tools. So, this is one of the most appealing and attractive part of visiting the museum. One gets a chance to witness great piece of art done by innovative and special artist, who claim to know, “secrets of pyramids,” and thus produced astonishing sculptures.

Jewish Museum Of Florida

Jewish Museum Of Florida is located in historic buildings. It is a great spot to visit for art lovers. First off, the building is situated in Art Deco and is made up of copper chandeliers, stain glass windows, and other scintillating artistic features. It aptly represents the ‘Jewish Life in Florida,’ as MOSAIC, containing around 500 artefacts and photos exactly depicts the experience of the Jews living in Florida ever since 1768. Promising feature is that the museum has got into collaboration with FIU now; so, it is going to be a great place of learning in future.

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