Topmost Parks In Miami Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

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Woman Sitting In A Park

Miami is a great place with a number of nightclubs and beaches. Most of the tourists are attracted by these two main features of the place. However, tourists always get a pleasant surprise when they are exposed to the great parks here that are equipped with countless number of trails, lakes, and other things like hammocks and tennis courts that offer great respite to the tourists from their mundane and hectic life. The green expanses certainly alleviate the tension of people. Here are topmost parks in Miami offering thoroughly rejuvenating experience to visitors.

Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park is just at the centre of Miami Beach. There are a large number of palm trees lining the park. The park is located at a seminal location that has a huge rush of tourists all the time, but astonishingly there is a great sense of calmness and peacefulness in the park that mesmerize the visitors. Moreover, there is a baseball field and a bark park as well inside the park.

Amelia Earhart Park

The best part about visiting Amelia Earhart Park is that there is a dazzling array of aqua sports here including waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddle-boarding, and knee-boarding. Moreover, there is a farm village as well with a small zoo. Meandering through the park offers great experience to visitors.

A.D. Barnes Park

A.D. Barnes Park in South Miami is characterized by all the features that one could think of in a park including biking paths, walking paths, wide expanses of grassy fields, a swimming pool, and a large number of barbecue stations. However, pick of the lot is ‘Sense of Wonder Nature Center.’ It is basically wild animal and bird sanctuary which is worth exploring.

Barnacle Historic State Park

Barnacle Historic State Park is an unmistakable spot in Coral Gables. It is frequently visited by tourists who are interested in exploring about the history of the area. Moreover, ‘The Barnacle,’ which is the oldest residential home in Miami, is also located in the park. The amazing part is that the house has held to its original structure of 1891. It is a well-kept park and there are guided tours available as well.

Biscayne National Underwater Park

Biscayne National Underwater Park is located in Homestead. It offers great fun to people who are always excited to explore clear-blue waters. The park spans 180,000 acres of area, and is characterized by bird sanctuary, mangrove forest, and coral reef. Tourists are always amazed to witness the picturesque beauty of the area.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park in North Beach spans 1000 acres of area, which makes it state’s largest urban park. Tourists love the idea of exploring the widely spread park through a canoe or a kayak, as they enjoy the cool breeze while going past the bushy mangroves and large trees by the side of the water. Other great attractions of the park include mountain biking trails, and a sandy beach located at a height of 1200 ft.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is located in Key Biscayne. It has a number of features that instantly attract the visitors including a historic lighthouse, acres of greenery, paths, and trails, and great exposure to coastlines.

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